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Your Business Culture Depends on you

Demonstrating Your Why

We judge ourselves by our intentions but others judge us by our actions. ---Roy H. Williams

Last week we spoke about the power of WHY and how it relates to your business. A great many of us are familiar with Simon Sinek’s popular TED Talk on the Power of WHY. While we understand it on an intellectual level, its magic escapes the change we seek.


We judge ourselves by our intentions but others judge us by our actions.

You can’t change a person’s performance until you first change their beliefs. ---Frances Frei

Message Integration - Take what’s in your heart, your intentions, and bury those deep into the hearts of your coworkers. “We believe” is a demonstration of your integrity and or any other intention that’s observable and measurable to a witnessing third party.

What you do simply proves what you believe. ---Simon Sinek

Demonstrate Your WHY

Roy Williams, author of "The Wizard of Ads",  recommends that we develop a “We Believe” list and recite it everyday with our coworkers. By creating this ritual we drive our culture into the hearts and minds of our people. This language is about verbs. It represents a mantra of what we do.

Roy offers a great suggestion for our website’s About page. Shoot a video of you and your coworkers stating what you believe in. Clear your About page, change its name to We Believe and insert the video.

Live your We Believe statements and the magic of your WHY will weave its way throughout your culture and into the hearts and minds of your coworkers and customers.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Jun 12, 2016 4:30:00 AM

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