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Yes Virginia, You Can Design Success

For the past two or three years, Service Nation has been holding “Success by Design” days across the country.  For the longest time, I didn’t attend one.  This is part of trusting your team.  When I finally did attend one, I was impressed.  Give our team the better part of a day and they will show you how dial in success in contracting.

Design Your Company to Appeal to Womenwoman-face-eye.jpg

Most subscribers to Comanche are men.  One of the things we’re all challenged with is marketing to the
opposite sex because women are the decision makers.  Think about it.  Who calls you for service?  Who is there when your guy arrives?  A woman.

Despite what the government and media say, women are different than men.  Their concerns are different.  Their values and desires are different.  There’s stuff about women we don’t get because we’re guys.  We’re dense.  We’re oblivious.  But what if we weren’t?  What if we could figure out what women want?

Okay, that’s not going to happen.  We’re guys.  We’ll never figure out what women want.  But what if we had a brilliant woman marketer tell us what we need to do?  We may not quite understand it, but all we need to do is design our companies to execute it.

We’ve got that brilliant woman marketer.  Her name is Robin Jones.  She launched Radio Disney.  She’s big time.  I like to think I’m good at marketing, but I can’t hold a candle to Robin.  She can change your business.  She can change your fortune.

Hear First Hand How the Hottest Contractor in the Industry Designed His Company For Success 

Now, if you knew a contractor was named Contracting Business Magazine’s National Contractor of the Year and the very same year was cited by the Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News as the Best Contractor to Work for in HVAC, would you want to learn how he did it?  Of course you would.  You would want to learn everything he’s willing to share with you.

This contractor is Kevin Frump.  He’s the General Manager of Illiana and he’s one of the brightest young contractors in America.  Kevin is matter of fact about he grew Illiana and he’s open about it.  You want to know how he did it?  He’ll tell you.  He’ll tell you how he designed is business for success.

How valuable is that?  This guy is a contracting rock star.  Who wouldn’t pay to hear what he has to say?  I’d pay.  I’d pay a lot.

A Top Industry Strategist Shows You How to Design a Successful Business

David Heimer is the Chief Operating Officer of Service Nation.  He’s spent over three decades in the industry and is one of the most solid, all-around businesspeople you will ever encounter.  He’s a strategist and he thinks in terms of business systems.  He’s one of those guys who is playing chess when most people play checkers.  Even if you play chess against him, he’s two or three moves ahead.

David will walk you through the chess game of business and show you how you can gain an advantage.  Some might call it an unfair, competitive advantage, but only those without the vision to see how David lays out the game.  Guys like Kevin Frump listened to David.  You should too.  You should listen to him talk about success by design, not accident.  Success by design is practically guaranteed in the same what that building a house according to a home design is guaranteed.

Learn How to Design the Perfect Service Call

I’ve listened to and worked with a lot of outstanding, amazing sales trainers through the decades.  I’ve done my share of sales and sales training as well.  I’ve even been written up in this book.  I can’t hold a candle to Joe Cunningham.  The guy is amazing. 

Joe created the “transitional statement” that he teaches to technicians and plumbers.  It is simplicity and brilliance incarnate.  It’s application can double your service sales.  That’s right.  I said, D-O-U-B-L-E!!!

Joe has designed a better service call.  Follow Joe’s design and you will have a more successful service department. 

Can You Afford It?  Yes, You Can

This is the day that contractors around the country have been benefiting from for the past year.  On Wednesday, July 13 it will be in Pittsburgh.  I know it’s busy this time of the year, but you can take out one day to attend this event.  No, you MUST take out one day to attend this event. 

I know, you’re wondering how much it costs.  You should.  When I’ve been involved with programs like this in the past they cost $800 to $1200.  That’s the tuition.  It’s a lot, but it’s less than the tuition of failure.  It’s less than the tuition of the school of hard knocks.  And it’s more than you will pay.  Call Amanda McCarty today at 877.262.3341 and we will waive the tuition.  You can attend FREE.  Or, you can email Amanda at Amanda.McCarty@ServiceRoundtable.com.FREE Business Seminar

Trust me.  You will not regret this day.  Learn how to design your future.  Learn how to design success.

© 2016 Matt Michel

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Posted by Matt Michel on Jul 7, 2016 4:30:00 AM

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