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Win Big with a reset in your business


I love football. Real football. Not that soccer stuff. And, I love that football has a halftime. Halftime provides a unique opportunity to regroup as a team, and adjust the gameplan.


When a coach takes his team into the locker room he takes an assessment of the following things:

  1. What’s the score?
  2. How’s our momentum?
  3. Are we healthy?
  4. Is the gameplan working?

I remember Texas against Oklahoma State in the 2005 Championship year.

(Sorry Matt. I know this is my first Comanche Marketing blog, but I’m going there.)

Going into halftime Texas was behind 35 to 14. It looked like the Cowboys figured out how to stop Mack Brown’s offense. Momentum wasn’t on Texas’s side. However, Texas had Vince Young, and that team believed in Vince.

At halftime, the gameplan was adjusted to build on Vince’s strengths. Texas came back and won 56–35.

Your business is about to go into halftime. I know you can’t bring work to a standstill, but you can do an assessment of the 4 questions. Take 1 week as a halftime period, and do the following assessment:

What’s the score?

Look at your budget. Are you under or over your goals? Your performance against budget is your score.

How’s our momentum?

Summer is a natural momentum builder for your team. But what is more important than the weather is your leadership. If your momentum is down now, then check your leadership.

Are we healthy?

Don’t lose your best players to the heat. Make sure they are staying hydrated and rested. Health is important to techs. I know, because over 12,000 techs have shared this post on facebook: http://www.servextra.com/killing-the-service-tech/

Is the gameplan working?

You must look at the score to determine if your gameplan is working. Being busy, and working long hours is not a determination of a proper gameplan. Compare your goals against your actuals, and determine if your strategies are working. If they are not, then adjust your marketing and training.

It’s halftime! This is your team, and this is your game. Come out of the locker room pumped up, and go win big!


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Posted by Todd Liles on Jul 3, 2016 5:30:00 AM
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