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Why Would a Customer Choose You?



It’s Saturday afternoon in the peak of summer and Texoma Terri comes home from the kids’ baseball games to find it is 85 degrees inside her house. She approaches the thermostat to find it completely blank. Remembering that the baseball team will arrive for pizza in three hours, she calls her husband, Tom in a panic. Tom advises to find a technician to get the job done quickly. She immediately reaches for her smart phone and…

For most contractors, you can only assume what happens next. For those in the Service Nation Alliance, we know exactly a customer’s most probable next step. How do we know? Because our customers were surveyed by the SNA! 



I’ve used data like this to help me get 7,892 new customers the last two years! This is in small town America, where the population for each of my locations is around 25,000 people. You might ask, “How in the world did he do that?” The answer is simple; I know why a customer would choose my company. I’ve leveraged the data above to understand how our customers are finding us, who makes the decision, reasoning how to choose one contractor over another, and also to understand what type of offer will get the best response! This report alone is worth the cost of joining Service Nation Alliance if you leverage the data and take action! 

The question you and every member on your team need to be able to clearly define is “Why would a customer choose you?” If they use the Internet, does your website showcase your best assets? Is your company considered compelling or simply the same as everyone else? It’s amazing how many contractors I’ve asked this question and they can’t give a good answer. If they can’t respond, how can they expect their team to understand? More importantly, how can potential customers recognize that your business will benefit them?


How to find out why customers should choose you:


Step One – Read all your reviews. 

What is a common theme that is often repeated in reviews? For my company, the Hunter Supertechs, it was how fast and professional our technicians were. Customers also loved not being charged extra for nights and weekends. By reading the reviews, I was able to see what our customers valued the most and communicated that message.


Step Two – What has not been “claimed” in your market?

I’ll never forget sitting in Service Nation Alliance boot camp and with a pegboard being used as an illustration of several areas. Every spot on that pegboard was our market. Once a contractor stakes his claim and puts a peg in the spot, no one else can claim that. They may try, but the first to claim that spot becomes the authority in the market. Each open spot represents an area that isn’t being “claimed” by your competitor. What can you do to stake your claim on and put your peg in the open spot? Have fast service? Be a Heat Pump Specialist? What about a Geothermal specialist? Cheap prices (I don’t recommend this one, but all so often it is the first to be claimed)? Same day service? No overtime charges? Being the company that gives back to the community? The list goes on and there are lots of areas that can be claimed.


Step three – Leverage the power of consumer surveys.


The Service Nation Alliance consumer survey was the most powerful tool I’ve seen to help me really understand why and how a customer chooses a contractor. I was able to see the common results for the whole Alliance as well as my customers specifically. Once I saw what was important to them, I made sure I put my peg in that area and staked our claim as the authority! 

If you aren’t a member of the Service Nation Alliance, this is just one of the many benefits available. No matter what, ask yourself why a customer would choose you. Then clearly communicate that message in all of your marketing channels and watch your customer list grow!


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Posted by Chris Hunter on May 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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