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When Business Causes You Nightmares

You’re in 9th grade and walking down a school hallway in your underwear.  Did you ever have this dream, err, nightmare?


You’re a progressive and knowledgeable HVAC and or Plumbing contractor. You’re passionate about continuing education so you send your managers to programs like Service Excellence Training.

Picture this:

Your managers along with managers from other companies are sitting in a room, wide-eyed and ready to soak up fresh intel. The enthusiastic instructor looks at the class and begins, “You folks are the captain of your ship. Your coworkers depend on you to steer the ship into prosperous waters and in turn, you rely on your company owner for the navigational coordinates. In other words, you grab hold of his vision and set sail.”

“Let’s go around the room and discuss the vision that your company owner has laid out.”

Suddenly the managers think, “oh man, please don’t call on me.” Nervous glances confirm what the teacher routinely encounters; they don’t have a clue. There’s a lot of hemming and hawing and about the only answer that you hear sounds something like, “well our KPI’s are this and that.”

I know you’re feeling a segue to the underwear scene. Hold that thought.

Your managers return. Their classroom experience will produce one of two reactions. For most owners, neither one will be comfortable. One, they tell you about the vision exercise. Two, they don’t.

If they don’t tell you, they are going to question your leadership. And whether or not they speak about it to their coworkers, rest assured, their coworkers will feel it in the manager’s actions.

If they tell you, you might as well start thinking about running down the school hallways in your underwear, because that should be less embarrassing than what you are presently being confronted with. First, praise them for telling you and then suck it up and get to work.

Don’t become underwear guy.

Embrace your company vision and make sure everyone in your company knows what it is.

Thanks to Terry Barrett for the inspiration for today’s message which was more vision related than underwear.

Topics: Management, Leadership

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Oct 16, 2016 4:03:00 AM

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