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Wanted: HVAC Service Technician

Petey sets back the odometers and Louie sells the cars. No imagination needed here; you get this business operation.

Bob is an HVAC service technician whose disgust with unethical business borders on mania. He works for Ted, a decent guy but one who isn’t interested in growing. Bob knows his future is limited here and he regularly plays out change-scenarios in his mind between service calls.


One day Bob’s mom, who lives in the next state over, gets ripped off by a contractor. A switch flips in Bob’s head. Mania leads to action. He gives Ted a two-week notice and begins to pool resources in the evenings to start his own company. It’s not going to be a heating and air business, it’s going to be a crusade - a crusade against dishonest contractors and those who perform shoddy work.

Fast forward 8 years and Bob is running a 4 million dollar operation. He’s involved in a high profile national contractor support organization and frequently called upon to help other contractors. Besides his company’s growth, the number one question Bob hears is, “why don’t you have a hiring problem?”

A quick peek into Bob’s company and we see his compensation program is second to none. This gets quality prospects to the door. Without it they don’t cross the threshhold, but it’s not why they join and it’s certainly not why they stay.

Bob’s company values, in part, reflect an honest business. (The other part involves his coworkers). He hires people whose passion for craftsmanship borders on mania and whose passion for doing right by the customer exceeds it.

Timmy, Bob’s service manager: “I joined Bob’s company because I believe in what he believes in. But I stay because he creates an atmosphere if you will, that allows me to engage my beliefs everyday. Here’s an example. The schedule might be backed up but we’re not pressured to blow through the calls. Our dispatchers wouldn’t even think of it. We all have a passion to do right by our customers.”

“Timmy, do all of your techs buy into Bob’s beliefs?”

“While our techs like going on calls that other contractors have bungled, they love following up on a contractor who has or has tried to rip off a customer. It gives us a chance to flex our beliefs and show customers there is at least one company committed to doing the right thing. We don’t tell people we’re better, we let our actions show it.”

Bob doesn’t have hiring problems because his crusade has permeated the market in his area. Not only does he have coworkers referring job candidates, his customers do as well.

Why do Bob and Timmy’s coworkers stay? It’s not so much that they are doing it because of Bob, no, they are doing it for themselves. Bob’s culture allows them to not only be true to their own identities, but to act upon them.

So, which do you think would be more appealing to prospective coworkers? A want ad that speaks about your company, benefits and what a great place to work it is? Or an ad that speaks to your prospect’s aspirations, interests and beliefs?

Petey’s passion is bringing pre-owned cars back to life and Louie’s passion is selling the results of Petey’s passion, spirit and artwork.


Topics: Hiring, Business Design, Leadership

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Oct 9, 2016 4:01:00 AM

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