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Use Email Marketing or You Lose!


Use Email Marketing or You Lose!

You lose money, that is.

Why should you be using email marketing? It’s simple really. The 2018 email marketing ROI is 3,800 percent. For every dollar you invest, the average return is $38 (Buerman).

End of story.

What? Do you want to know why email marketing so effective?  I thought all that extra money in your pocket would be convincing enough. Not to worry, I have plenty of facts, quotes, and more to continue convincing you. 

How much do you or would you spend on TV ads, print ads, internet ads, and/or direct mail? Is it close to $65 a month or less? I am going to take a stab in the dark and say not by a long shot! Still need more convincing?  Okay, okay, I will keep going. 

Let’s talk about the audience you are trying to reach. With a TV ad, do you know who is watching that ad you just paid hundreds of dollars for? Was it your target audience? What about that direct mailer that you just sent? How many people viewed it vs chunking it in the bin after spending your hard earned money on design fees and postage? You have no idea, do you? Let’s fix that. With email marketing, you can see exactly who opened it, exactly who clicked on what links, which shows you exactly what messages are working. And get this! After seeing exactly who clicked on what, you can send direct promotions that are sure to catch their attention.

No, no, no, you wanted more info so I am giving you more! There is no turning back now. 

“Fine,” say the TV folks, “but shopping cart sales through emails are seldom more than 5% of total sales. Nothing to write home about” (Hughes).

Ok, but what about all those digital links that are in your beautifully designed (by me of course) email campaign? Where are they taking your customers? You are taking them to your website, your social media, and your blogs. You are showing them more than just the email article or promotion. You are showing them your brand, your identity, your products, and services. You are giving your customer ways to research you and compare your services instantly (which we already know are the best in town). This leads to trust and produces sales and long term customers. How would you get this through a TV ad, print ad, or mailer? You won’t.   

Everyone wins with email marketing, especially your customers. With a 98% delivery rate (per Constant Contact), they will never miss out on your amazing cream of the crop products and services or that amazing promotion you have going that month. With Money Mail, you can send 2500 to 5000 emails for only $65 a month. What if you have fewer than 2500 contacts? Then you pay even less. Money Mail is exactly what it says it is - mail that produces money.  My job is done here. I am positive you are convinced. Call me.  


Katie Arfman



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Posted by Katie Arfman on Jun 9, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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