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Building Upon Ideas

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Mar 26, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Shoulders slump forward as they pull along an imaginary ball and chain in the dreadful hallway on way to an inevitable fate. They walk a version of the Green Mile every Monday, Thursday and Friday morning. That would be the day of your sales, service and install meetings. An outsider’s look at this motley crew?  Prisoners on their way to the torture chamber. An insider’s look? Pretty much the same.

Did you ever get into an exciting conversations with your friends? Perhaps you were sitting around a fireplace on the first day of vacation. The relaxing notion of five more days of freedom, a few cold ones and no one looking over your shoulder sets the stage for a spirited exploration on launching a make-believe company. Ideas build upon ideas and soon everyone starts raising their what-if? / could we? eyebrows.

Perhaps it wasn’t make-believe. Maybe you, the warehouse manager and one of your installers started talking about ways to improve your warehouse operation. Ideas started building upon ideas. Like a rock climber who gains a toehold over another building upon his ascent; incremental progress leads to new vistas.

Being aware

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Let Your Hiring Process Soar

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Aug 28, 2016 4:30:00 AM

“Release the bird Amos!”

The canary flies into the coal mine and dies. The bird’s suicide mission indicates the presence of toxic gas. If the bird had lived it would have been safe to send in the miners.

Toxic gas and lack of business processes produce similar results.

Are you having problems hiring the right people?

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Topics: Hiring Process, Employee Engagement

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