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Neuromarketing in your Business

Posted by Dave Rothacker on May 28, 2017 12:05:00 AM

Imagine that Bob, your sharp, clean-cut and friendly service technician arrives at Mrs. Jones’s house.  Following company protocol he parks his van, greets Mrs. Jones and begins to troubleshoot the system. Bob presents Mrs. Jones an upgrade along with the repair estimate. Although Mrs. Jones wants to pursue the smart thermostat installation, she opts for ONLY the repair.

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The Dream Company

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Apr 9, 2017 5:00:00 AM

”It’s my dream company! I wish I could work there but it’s impossible to get in.”

Is this what they say about your company?

How do you generate talk like this?

Pursue Fortune

Fortune, the magazine, has been publishing a list called “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” for the last twenty years. This year’s issue came out in March. Paging through it I looked for common traits and characteristics; why did employees want to work for these companies? The following are similar reasons that appear across many different companies on the list.

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3 Business Motivating Essentials

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Dec 25, 2016 2:53:00 PM

 Do you feel part of a team? Do you feel like you belong?

Three of the strongest motivators in the workplace are a connection with others, a sense of belonging and the need to make a difference.

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Green Light Company Culture

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Oct 23, 2016 4:20:00 AM

What’s Your Mood?  

You walk in the front door and acknowledge Brandy, your company greeter. Thirty seconds later and everyone in the office reaches for their cell phones to view an icon of a red stop sign. Brandy communicates your mood to the team. There are actually three different icons the team uses. Red means avoid you at all cost. Yellow means your mood isn’t an obstacle and green means you’re good to go.

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