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Business Design

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Mar 5, 2017 4:56:00 AM

Books to Grow By was a Comanche Marketing article listing a portion of my favorite marketing authors. Inspired by your positive feedback I list here today my favorite authors from the field of design. Well, not exactly.

Why? Because I’m not sure there is one field of design. Design is integral to ductwork and dresses. It incorporates industrial, graphic and architectural sectors. Design is multi and interdisciplinary, it should not be restricted to one field.

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Topics: Business Design

Let's Barn Raise Some Ideas

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Feb 19, 2017 5:05:00 AM

”How do you get ideas Bob?”

If you’re a writer, you’re asked this question - a lot. It’s the same for graphic designers, advertising folks, copywriters and content marketing people.

Why don’t HVAC and Plumbing owners hear this question more often?

Probably because people figure you just sell, fix and maintain stuff, why should you need to generate ideas?

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5 Lessons From the Story of the Service Roundtable

Posted by Matt Michel on Dec 30, 2016 11:16:16 AM

New Year’s is almost here.  In 2017, the Service Roundtable will turn 15.  When you consider how we started, it’s amazing where we are today.  There are some lessons in our story.  If you’ll stay with me, I’d like to share a little about how we started and then share the resulting lessons that can help you and your business.  Be forewarned, this is longer than the usual Comanche Marketing post.

Formation Saturday

On a Saturday in April, I paced nervously.  My presentation was ready, but I went over it one more time. 

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Wanted: HVAC Service Technician

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Oct 9, 2016 4:01:00 AM

Petey sets back the odometers and Louie sells the cars. No imagination needed here; you get this business operation.

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become a great business

Posted by Robin Jones on Aug 14, 2016 3:30:00 AM

In Jim Collins’ book Good to Great he separates the status quo companies from the superstars. In a 5 year long research project that would undo even the most staunch statistician, his team picked apart companies to determine what made them succeed.  His efforts produced some incredible findings of the differences between those that slam dunked the industry standard earnings, and those that just plugged along.

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Yes Virginia, You Can Design Success

Posted by Matt Michel on Jul 7, 2016 4:30:00 AM

For the past two or three years, Service Nation has been holding “Success by Design” days across the country.  For the longest time, I didn’t attend one.  This is part of trusting your team.  When I finally did attend one, I was impressed.  Give our team the better part of a day and they will show you how dial in success in contracting.

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