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The Dream Company

”It’s my dream company! I wish I could work there but it’s impossible to get in.”

Is this what they say about your company?

How do you generate talk like this?

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Pursue Fortune

Fortune, the magazine, has been publishing a list called “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” for the last twenty years. This year’s issue came out in March. Paging through it I looked for common traits and characteristics; why did employees want to work for these companies? The following are similar reasons that appear across many different companies on the list.

Coworker care - Employees feel their companies care for them. Great benefits and working environments might make this obvious. But feeling cared for is human. It must begin with company leadership and emanate throughout.

Feels like a family - Trust and respect run between coworkers and leadership. Described in terms like ‘a sense of belonging’, togetherness and unity and a strong feeling of “we’ve got each other’s backs,” a sense of family permeates throughout.

Individual freedom -  Basically the autonomy to do their work. In addition to the freedom, many of these companies were noted for providing top notch resources to help coworkers get their work done.

Worklife balance - Not just a buzzword or a trend to talk fashionably about, this concept shows up in above average paid time off and company values supported by leadership.

Diversity - Diversity of thought and from the status-quo is appreciated by coworkers. Minorities and women in the workforce are valued (by coworkers) and add value.

Personal growth and career development - A multitude of educational opportunities and chances for advancement lead the way in these categories.

Community involvement - Employees value the organization that is involved in the community and the one that encourages them to be involved as well.  

Buy into their WHY - Coworkers appreciate the company vision and values. This means they’re in sync with where the company is going and the values it operates under to get there. They voice pride in working for their company and working for a company that is pushing the leading edge.


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It’s Leadership

The traits and characteristics of Fortune’s top 100 are not magical. They are the building blocks to a specific way of operating a business. This doesn’t happen with unengaged company leaders operating on autopilot. These are men and women who forge and continue to rework and polish the mold. They do not simply create a program and launch it into the void of “they’ll get it done”. They reinforce and reinforce and reinforce.

Learning Circles

Another article in this issue that I find interesting is one on 2017 business trends. The author talks about Circles, a peer guided web based learning group. Together, attendees pursue a deeper dive into learning a subject.

Content From

Fortune takes on advertising in this issue under the guise of Content From so an so. Most of these articles are from Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. And most of these companies address their vision, purpose and how their employees are valued and fit in.

I love this! What a brilliant recruiting tool.

Think about it

Think about the format in general. Company (Fortune) sponsors contest. Winning companies pay both tribute to their people and serve up a recruiting dynamo. Fortune sells advertising that doesn’t look like advertising and the annual issue enjoys extended shelf life.

How might you emulate Fortune? How might you talk one of your vendors into emulating Fortune? Whatever the case it doesn’t have to include 100 companies. Just think about paying honor and tribute to deserving people and or companies, think about the structure and think about how the money flows. Think you can come up with something?

Congratulations to TDIndustries for making the list again. This mechanical construction and facility service firm based in Texas, along with only a few other companies, has made the list every year since the list began in 1998!

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Apr 9, 2017 5:00:00 AM

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