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The Value of Inbound Marketing

The young man is skateboarding down a staircase rail. The skateboard slips and he lands on the railing - right between his legs. Did you wince?


I had to wince myself when I read Kathie Todd’s feedback, in response to the December 18th Comanche Marketing article Are You in or Out?

In regards to vehicles of Inbound Marketing such as Facebook or You Tube, Kathie says,

“Our issue is that we do not broadcast it. We just do stuff. So getting the information out there (media, news, you tube etc) is a missing piece for us.  Dave, the companies you listed are younger generational thinkers. They are more transparent and no topic is off limits. This differs a bit with how some of the older generations view things. Like we were raised to not brag about this sort of stuff. Just do the right thing and it will come back to you tenfold, right?”

Kathie rationalizes (rightly), “Your article hits home. It is not bragging, it is marketing and we need to see it that way!  Thank you.”

A wince is a slight, oftentimes involuntary, grimace or shrinking movement of the body out of or in anticipation of pain or distress. I winced because Kathie’s opinion is such an invaluable perspective - one of which I hadn’t considered. The staircase railing effect engaged because like Kathie, I too am a Baby Boomer and have lived this type of thinking.


Quick Rabbit Hole: It’s impossible to understate the value of discussion within an online community. A comment by one stirs another’s curiosity that would otherwise remain latent. Often we hear, “hey where do you find this?” or “does anyone know where to find…?” Kathie’s comment however, transcends general inquiry. It sears an impression of rational thinking into the hyde of our consciousness and prompts meaningful thought. Our various industries thirst for such articulation.


Generational Differences

Different generations think differently. In regards to this type of marketing, older generation’s views originate from how we were raised and others are based on the selfish people who attempt to advertise and market without taking their prospective customer’s needs into account. There was a horrific rash of slick willy wannabees who forever ruined the term personal branding in the mid 2000’s. (There is a correct way to brand yourself without coming across as an egotistical twit).


It’s Not Bragging

Folks like Hunter Air, Air Now, Western Heating & Air Conditioning and Freedom Heating & Cooling would be doing much of the activity that you see in their videos, even if Facebook and You Tube didn’t exist. By posting it online, they let people know who they are and what they are about. They establish emotional connections in person and by offering it online, they let folks know that they too can connect on an emotional level with the company’s team. People like to do business with those like themselves.


It’s Who You Are


Be Useful - Whether it’s educating, informing or trying to make your audience’s lives easier, you’re striving to be of use, to be helpful.


Be Yourself - When out in the community, involved in charitable events or other public activities, do what you do. People know when you’re authentic. They appreciate it and will move toward you.


It’s Not a Department


Many people consider marketing a mindset, a reflection of who they are, not a department. While a company is doing useful things and being authentic, how does that help others who are not aware of them doing it? So allow social media activities that let others know about you to meld into your overall mindset. It’s simply who you are and the stuff that you do.


Self-Correcting - When you encounter a train of thought that stirs your conscious, as Kathie did, voice your opinion. It’s a cold, perspiring glass of iced tea to those thirsting to help and guide others. While you might not always elicit a wince, you’ll help to clear thickets from the road and illuminate pathways of possibilities.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Jan 6, 2017 10:19:31 AM

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