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The Simple Business Problem Solution

“Problems, problems, problems all day long

Will my problems work out right or wrong?”

The Everly Brothers’ 1950-related problems are summed up in one more line from that classic song:

“My love life just ain’t swingin’ like it should” 

If only your hiring, recruiting, marketing, payroll and vehicle problems could be solved by song and getting your love life in order. On second thought, let’s tread lightly around the love life issue*. It might be that some would welcome the hiring, recruiting and etc. issues.


About those business problems

Let’s assume that your problem solving methodology no longer includes fire extinguishers. You’re tired of less-than-mediocre results and you’re ready to try something new.

While all companies are in the problem solving business, did you know there are companies that exist to solve problems? At this level terms like advancing the human experience, improve, innovate and positive impact through design replace “problem solving.”

Read frog design’s company manifesto here. IDEO spells it out in their Little Red Book.

Companies like frog design and IDEO use processes steeped in creative methodologies and design to advance the human experience and make an impact, or in other words; solve problems.


You can do this too - today

Build and use a problem solving equation. Follow these steps: 

  • State the problem - In one sentence.
  • Define the problem - Then ask a series of ‘Why?” questions to make sure you are trying to solve the right problem.
  • State possibilities - Generate various ideas.
  • Choose the best one - Pick one.
  • Put it into action - Like Nike, the goddess of victory; Do it!
  • Follow up - Examine success and Learn from each.

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Keep it simple

There are many similar problem solving methods out there. Blaze a trail of exploration and you’ll see organizations, doctoral programs and schools devoted to this simple concept. Add the word design and a parallel universe opens complete with its own organizations (like IDEO & frog), doctoral programs and schools. Scientific as well as non-science based organizations use the scientific method.

For now take small steps and put research and exploration on the back burner. Choose a problem and follow the steps above.

Thanks to Ben Stark, Service Nation Alliance business coach and consultant for inspiring today’s article. Ben and his team successfully used the problem solving equation that we list here today.

*For further study, check out the best selling book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Bonus tip: Read this book to enhance your business relationships too. Terry Barrett, educational trainer for Service Excellence Training, has handed out hundreds of these books in his classes.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Feb 26, 2017 5:13:00 AM

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