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The New Attraction Model for Business

A few weeks ago, in an article titled Are You in or Out?, we spoke about Inbound Marketing. There are many marketing professionals who believe that Content Marketing is a subset of Inbound Marketing. I agree.


Content Marketing - To create interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention to you.

Joe Pulizzi, CEO of the Content Marketing Institute, gives credit to David Meerman Scott in his book Epic Content Marketing, for popularizing this definition.  


Why should you care about Content Marketing? There are literally hundreds of reasons of which many you’ll find outlined in the resources below. But there’s only one reason, for you, the owner and or manager of an HVAC and or Plumbing company.

The number one reason that you should care about Content Marketing is that Ron Smith devotes an entire chapter to it in his book More and New HVAC Spells Wealth! E.F. Hutton doesn’t hold a candle to Ron.


In fact, Joe Pulizzi actually pens that chapter. Here is Joe’s informal definition of Content Marketing:

“Content Marketing is owning media as opposed to renting it. It’s a marketing process to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating content in order to change or enhance a consumer behavior.”

So, for a brief refresher on Content Marketing, reread that chapter from Ron’s book.


The following are my favorite Content Marketing resources:

Marcus Sheridan - Marcus is the owner of River Pools and, as a contractor, offers the best example for you to study and emulate.

Copyblogger - I started following this site years ago for their writing and communications expertise. Copyblogger’s communications prowess is a powerful foundation for Content Marketing, which they have since made their centerpiece.

Jay Baer - Jay teaches, coaches and consults under the Convince and Convert platform. Author of the book Youtility, he has single handedly branded the term “be useful” in my mind’s eye.

David Meerman Scott - Now in its 5th edition, David wrote the book The New Rules of Marketing & PR. He writes at Webinknow and might be cited by more Content Marketing professionals than any other expert.

John Jantsch - Seth Godin calls John the Peter Drucker of small business marketing tactics. John is famous for his Duct Tape Marketing website and book by the same name.

Ann Handley - Ann is the Chief Content Officer for Marketing Profs. A classically trained journalist, Ann’s two books Everybody Writes and Content Rules are two of my favorites. I’ve followed Ann since she started working at Marketing Profs in 2002. Her talent to communicate in a clear, concise and coherent manner is a never-ending source of inspiration for me.

Hubspot - Hubspot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah coined the term Inbound Marketing. They also penned a book by the same name. Hubspot is an ad, blog, SEO and social media software company. They also provide a platform from which to run your content marketing program.

Content Marketing Institute - The CMI was founded by Joe Pulizzi. Joe who used to work for Penton Publishing, is synonymous with the term content marketing and oversees Content Marketing World, the largest annual gathering of content marketing professionals in the world. Joe covers every aspect of content marketing in his four books.

While the folks and companies I’ve listed here have their own businesses and are frequently in competition, an interesting side note is that they support each other. As an avid student of Content Marketing for over ten years, I’ve found these relationships to greatly aid in my study and learning.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Feb 5, 2017 5:39:00 AM

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