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Growth and prosperity

30397822350_8f95f73499_z.jpgSome people will say this is a self-serving, biased column for Comanche Marketing.  So be it.  For me, it   is an opportunity to state emphatically and clearly my passion for our industry. 

I have spent the majority of my working career in the heating, air conditioning, and plumbing contracting industry. In fact over 35 years, but who is counting?

Our industry is often maligned because of companies who frankly don’t know how to be the best. It is an industry that can wring an owner out, suck their blood, sweat and tears and then have the audacity to spit the owner out and say, “See I knew I could get the best of you!”

But I always envisioned a time when things would be different:   When consumers would actually respect and trust heating, air conditioning and plumbing contractors. I pictured a time when owners could actually make a fair profit without taking advantage of the consumer.  A time when an owner could actually make a good living, and not have to sacrifice being a part of his family and watching his children grow up.  A time when after building a successful business an owner could find a way to pass on the legacy of the business they had built and secure a good retirement for himself and his family in the process.

And then in 2009, John and I became involved with Service Roundtable – a network of contractors who want to build successful companies, take care of the customer, make a fair profit and be able to sell that legacy and retire with the security that what he or she has built will continue with its integrity intact.

In 2015, John and I became full-time partners with Service Roundtable, working directly with their contractor members.  Service Roundtable is the only contractor member based company that we were willing to become directly involved with because the company completely embraces and embodies our passion for helping the contractor take her or his business to new heights in the areas of customer service, efficiency, and profitability.

Many other bold programs have come out of the initial concept for Service Roundtable such as Service Nation Alliance, the Preferred Partner Program, an Affiliate program for contractor associations, group buys and the list goes on.  But one of the boldest, most innovative ideas is the co-sponsoring of Service World Expo with BNP, the publisher of the News, Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine and Reeves Journal.

Why is Service World Expo one of the boldest ideas to come out of the original vision to aid an owner in accomplishing his dreams? 

  • Because it is unique offering of life-changing ideas that come from world-renowned speakers not necessarily from our industry. For example, JR Martinez is the closing key note speaker at Service World Expo.  What does an army vet who was blown up by a road side bomb while traveling in a humvee in Iraq incurring burns over 34% of his body, have to teach us about our industry?


How about what it takes to overcome adversity in the most dire circumstances?  What about how the desire to survive in the darkest hours of life can be enough to guide one to not only survive, but thrive.  Perhaps, you have never been blown up in a humvee in Iraq, but as a business owner, you have probably experienced some very dark hours.  And perhaps, JR can provide you ideas and guidance to do it again, if necessary, by plugging into your super powers. 




Why is Service World Expo one of the boldest ideas to come out of the original vision to aid an owner in accomplishing his dreams? 

  • Because it is the offering of speakers who live in the industry every day, just like we do. Speakers who have tactical, practical ideas to make that one tweak, or that one fine-tuned adjustment that will make all the difference in profits, customer service, efficiency. 

For example, Ruth King is one of the break-out speakers who has walked with 1000s of contractors in this industry.  She will provide practical tools and ideas on how to protect your company’s assets from theft.

Ruth King.jpg

Another known industry break-out speaker is Kenny Chapman.  Kenny will talk about millennials who are the largest generation to enter the workforce since Baby Boomers and are reshaping the way business is done. Kenny will share ideas on how to recruit, retain, and understand the needs of Millennials.


And then there is the opportunity to hear from Angie and Ryan Snow, real-life contractors who run a successful business and know what it takes to be a husband and wife team running a business together.

Angie and Ryan Snow-1.jpg

And this is just a small sample of the 20 break-out speakers who will be at Service World Expo.

Why is Service World Expo one of the most innovative ideas to come out of the original vision to aid an owner in accomplishing his or her dreams? 

  • Because the Exhibit Hall showcase will feature products and resources that can be business changing. The best of the best products and resources will be chosen and featured in the Innovation Lab so you can quickly get an insight into the latest and best enhancements for your business.
  • Because only at the largest contractor focused show will you have the opportunity to connect with so many like-minded, innovative business people like yourself. At this show, you have ample opportunity to ask questions, get advice, share advice and create some of those long-lasting relationships with fellow contractors that in the end may be the most important connections ever made for you personally and for your business.

The bottom line is that for me it is rewarding, in the waning years of my career, to know this show will continue for years to come and help so many contractors.  And for your company, it may be the beginning of the dream for what you want your business to be when it grows up.

See you in Vegas!

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Posted by Vicki LaPlant on Jul 22, 2017 12:15:00 AM

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