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Recharge your Business Growth

Five Ways We Profit From Seminars 

My team should be nervous, very nervous.  If they knew what was buzzing through my brain, everyone would be hiding under their desks.  You see, I attended another seminar and I’m fired up, charged up, and loaded with new ideas.  Here’s what you can expect when you attend a seminar…


Profit From New Ideas

Early Saturday morning, I woke and grabbed my notebook from the seminar and started highlighting.  Most of the speakers were excellent.  During the seminar, I took more than 30 pages of handwritten notes.  Some of the notes were things I knew, but seemed to have forgotten (or forgotten to put into practice).  Some were out-of-the-box, “ah ha” notions that came directly from a speaker.  Others were revelations that were merely prompted by something a speaker said.

The most impactful sessions for me were breakouts.  They were not the headline, general session speakers.  The general session speakers were good, inspirational even, but a couple of the breakouts were packed with practical, specific information and business advice I need. 

Profit From Vendors

The last two conferences I attended lacked a full-fledged trade show.  Yet, both had table tops.  Both had vendors in the table top area displaying products that would solve problems we face or that presented opportunities to make more money.  It only makes sense.  All of them were paying good money to be there because they believed they had products or services people like me would buy if I only knew about them.  Why not try to learn more?  I did.

I don’t understand people who attend a trade show with their arms crossed and minds made up that they aren’t going to buy anything.  Heck, I want to buy stuff.  I want to buy stuff that will help my company and our customers make more money.

Profit From a New Outlook and Better Attitude

When you run a business people turn to you for answers.  You are the ultimate decision maker.  People plead their cases with you.  You are responsible for the vision and direction of the organization.  It is your mood that ripples down through the organization.  Altogether, it can be taxing.  This is why it is important to attend a business conference of like-minded people.

When you hang out with other business owners, you realize that your problems and issues are not unique.  Others share them.  There’s something comforting and rejuvenating about immersing yourself in a conference and mixing with other people who confront the same issues you face.  Moreover, you can benefit from their experience, as they can from yours.  This is invaluable.

Attending a conference or seminar always motivates me.  It recharges my batteries, sharpens my saw.  It gives my attitude a boost.  I can’t wait to get back to work.

If you doubt the restorative power of attending a conference, think about some of the people you know who never invest in themselves.  Are they positive, upbeat people?  Or, are they cynics and grouches?  Does it seem like they enjoy the business?  Or, is it drudgery for them?

Have you ever spent a week in the woods?  You get grimy.  You feel greasy.  You start to stink.  After a few days, you stop noticing your own filth and stink.  This is what it’s like for business owners who fail to get outside training, and who fail to attend industry conferences and seminars.  They descend into a form of business primitiveness, not realizing that things stink and could be better. 

By contrast, owners who attend conferences and seminars are refreshed.  Their outlook gets cleansed.  They feel better about themselves the same way you feel when you shower and shave after several days without cleaning up during a camping or hunting trip.  A shower and conference serve the same purpose in this regard.  Both freshen you up.  Both make you feel better.  This alone makes a conference, any conference, worth the price of admission.

Profit Twice As Much With Twice the Attendance

Above, I noted the significance of the breakouts.  Interestingly, I almost picked different breakouts to attend and wonder if the ones I passed on might have been better.  This is why it make sense to bring more than one person to a conference.  Not only can you cover more, but even in the general sessions, you will find different people seize on different points of significance.

Another, more important reason is you are not the only one who returns fired up.  It’s human nature to resist change and your team is not immune.  However, it’s harder to discount your enthusiasm and resist the need to enact positive change when it’s shared.

Profit From Taking Action

Ideas without action are dreams.  By the next Operations Meeting, several of the ideas gained will turn into action items.  More will follow later.  Taking action is the key to profiting from a seminar or conference.

There’s a tendency to try to do everything at once.  I’m not going to do that.  I’ll implement one thing at a time.  I like to write down actionable ideas on index cards.  This makes it easier to prioritize.  The most importance idea gets worked on or assigned first, followed by the next most important.

Make a Commitment to Profit

Henry Ford said, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” 

How true!  Yet, the reason may people do what they’ve always done is they do not know any other way.  That’s why it’s so important for you to attend the conferences and seminars that will enlighten you to different ways so that you can achieve more and receive more. 

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend committing now to the Service World Expo in Las Vegas in October.  Go ahead.  Make the commitment.  Visit ServiceWorldExpo.com and register.


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Posted by Matt Michel on May 29, 2016 5:00:00 AM

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