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Reaching Out


“That sounds really interesting Bob! What’s the best way to reach you?”


Stop and think about that question for a minute. As a company owner or manager, what would it mean to you if your coworkers were to ask, “Hey Robert, what’s the best way to reach you?”


We’re not talking phone or email. We’re talking, “Robert, help me to understand you.”


What if you Ms. Owner / Mr. Manager were to construct a Here’s the Best Way to Reach Me document? Here’s a sample:


My style


  • Personally and in business I must develop and grow
  • I look outside of our business for innovative ideas
  • I do not have an open-door policy because I don’t believe in doors
  • I work best with directness


What I value


  • Family. Inside and outside of business
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Imagination and curiosity
  • An explorer’s mindset
  • Take-charge behavior


What I don’t have patience for


  • Those who do not have a developmental and growth mindset
  • Those who are not actively trying to improve themselves
  • Dishonesty and lack of integrity
  • Not talking about failures. They are learning opportunities


How to best communicate with me


  • Be direct and get to the point
  • I can be influenced. State your opinion, not what you think I want to hear
  • I respond best with email


How to help me


  • Tell me about what you’re learning out in the world
  • If you bring me a problem, also bring along a few possible solutions
  • Be diligent, follow through on your projects. Keep me posted


What people misunderstand about me


  • I struggle in social situations
  • It might appear as if I am ignoring you. I’m not. I’m usually lost in my own world of thought


Take it one step further.


Distribute the document and ask your coworkers to respond in person or writing: “Is this your interpretation of my behavior? If not, please explain.” Use the feedback accordingly.


Then ask your coworkers to provide a similar document.


Have a discussion based on what each has learned.


As a leader, are you sometimes misunderstood? Draft a “Here’s the Best Way to Reach Me” document and get to work today.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Sep 24, 2017 12:00:00 AM

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