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Oz Is the Yellow Brick Road

If you’ve been following along since I started writing full time at Comanche Marketing earlier this year, you know that I am passionate about business owners understanding WHY you are in business and in expressing what you believe in.

As your company’s leader, you simply cannot communicate this message enough.

I was recently reviewing Service Nation Alliance member Don Johnson’s website’s about page. Reading what an excellent job Don’s company does at stating what the company believes in, I started thinking about our industry’s writers, which include many of the consultants you regularly work with.

While you are in a position to match what consultants write about to the actions they deploy in person, there are other writers like myself, who are not paid consultants. Over time you can get a feel for what we believe in and a better sense if that writing remains consistent.


A Challenge

I am issuing a challenge to our industry’s consultants and writers. Create and publish a “what you believe in” statement. This exercise can be therapeutical, scary and daunting. Unlike me, if you’re meeting with clients in person, your statement will act as a commissioning checklist. Your clients will read it and look to verify your actions. It’s still daunting for me because I am an extreme introvert. But if I’m going to throw the challenge out there, I must produce my own. So here goes.


I Believe

I believe in family. Families are not limited to blood relatives.

I believe in doing the right thing.

I believe in passionately pursuing one’s personal growth and development. A major component of this process for me is reading, annotating books, writing and talking with folks on the Road.

I believe in passionately pursuing one’s company’s growth and development. By growth here I mean character and effectiveness. Monetary gains will follow.

I believe in encouraging leaders to think. There are so many brilliant writers in our industries like Matt Michel, Ron Smith, Frank Blau, Vicki LaPlant, Ed O’Connell, Charlie Greer and Todd Liles, who teach in a specific how-to format. My intent is to stretch your thinking and then to pursue solutions. Many times solutions of this nature are to be found within the paragraphs of these leaders.

I believe in taking small teps. Wonderous things are accomplished one small step at a time.

I believe in TSO - trying stuff out. Experiment. Get feedback. Evaluate. Modify. Repeat. Passion is the fuel and TSO is the engine that drives innovation, growth and development.

I believe in passionately pursuing curiosity. Treasure discovered by way of relentless exploration comes with meaning that transcends just looking stuff up.

I believe in seeking wonder. Wonder is an emotion aroused by something that is awe-inspiring.

I believe in Purple Cow Marketing. Make the product and service so good that customers talk about it.

I believe in basking in Pieces of Freedom. POF are unoppressed elements of our lives to be found when we're the person we most wish to be, doing what we love.

I believe in learning from those on the road ahead of us, appreciating their contribution, thanking and connecting them to others on the road.

I believe in acting with intent. Engage intent and you engage your heart, mind and soul.

I believe in letting my imagination out to play. Fight growing up to the core of your very being and unleash your imagination.

I believe in the Girl Effect. And I believe in how this Effect relates to women as well. Women and girls are the most beautiful and powerful creatures in the Universe (study the Girl Effect and you’ll see why). The amplified effect of a well-supported girl knows no limits nor bounds. As they grow, so grows our villages, companies and world.

I believe that Oz is the Yellow Brick Road. It’s not that we will be smart one day, when we reach a destination. It’s about one small step forward at a time. Live, appreciate and be grateful for life in the moment. The Road is a glorious bustle of learning, growing, evolving, teaching, connecting, helping and moving forward.


I believe in the collective spirit that powers the Service Roundtable and Service Nation Alliance. It’s a combination of Service Nation coworkers, contractor members and Roundtable Rewards Partners. To me, it’s not so much that the products and services are unique and the Roundtable Rewards program is second to none, it’s the people and the collective skill, talent and character. Couple that with what this community not only produces but what it is capable of doing and it’s a force I will always remain loyal to.


What do you believe in?

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Topics: Leadership

Posted by Dave Rothacker on Sep 25, 2016 4:03:00 AM

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