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Neuromarketing in your Business

Imagine that Bob, your sharp, clean-cut and friendly service technician arrives at Mrs. Jones’s house.  Following company protocol he parks his van, greets Mrs. Jones and begins to troubleshoot the system. Bob presents Mrs. Jones an upgrade along with the repair estimate. Although Mrs. Jones wants to pursue the smart thermostat installation, she opts for ONLY the repair.

Why doesn’t she tell Bob to install the thermostat?  Even Mrs. Jones is not able to accurately tell why.

Why is that? The part of Mrs. Jones’s brain that flags a tiny alarm - an inconsistency with Bob - has no capacity for language. While Mrs. Jones  might say that she doesn’t have the money at this time, that wouldn’t be accurate.  She simply has no way to articulate her feeling. There is nothing wrong with Mrs. Jones. All healthy people’s brains are wired this way. It’s biology grounded in science.  

Simon Says

Simon Sinek touches on this science in his book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. In making his case for WHY, Simon says, “This is not opinion. This is biology.”  Here’s a short recap.

Simon’s WHY is based on Neuroscience, a branch of Biology. Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. As you can see in this Wikipedia entry, it’s a broad topic that encompasses many different disciplines.

What Mrs. Jones saw in Bob’s face was the culmination of an argument that he had just had with his girlfriend shortly before the service call. He was out of line. As Bob terminated the call he had a vision of all of his previous relationship problems. In his skewered thinking he blamed females in general.GettyImages-180724640 (1)-1.jpg

Bob, however, is a professional. He put his best game face and ran the service call.  The thing is, however, that Bob’s game face didn’t slip by Mrs. Jones’s unconscious radar. We might say she had a gut feeling about Bob. Science tells us Mrs. Jones’s feeling emanates from the Limbic region of her brain.

Author Dan Pink says, “There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. Advances in Neuroscience, especially over the last thirty years or so, are slowly integrating into the business world.  We look at Neuromarketing. According to Roger Dooley, Neuromarketing is the application of Neuroscience to marketing. We will continue to explore Neuroscience, relating to business, and Neuromarketing here in Comanche Marketing.

What about Bob?

Although Bob’s personal relationship with his girlfriend needs significant work, he is professional enough to have at least tried putting on a game face for Mrs. Jones. One piece of advice, and it’s based in Neuroscience, actually comes from a gentleman in the contracting world.

Todd Liles is the founder and owner of Service Excellence Training. While Todd’s advice helps to minimize the unconscious signals that Bob was transmitting to Mrs. Jones, it actually supercharged his own success when he followed it as a service technician years ago.

It’s all about intention. Prior to each customer engagement, Todd would consciously tap into his inner desire to truly help his customer. He didn’t say, “Okay Todd, let’s go into this call and sell a bunch of stuff.” He would say to himself, and I paraphrase, “Let’s be a resource to Mrs. Smith. Let’s truly help her out by solving HVAC-related issues and do the right thing.” Todd’s internal talk was fueled by his care for and desire to help Mrs. Smith.

Inevitably this translated into increased revenue because the unconscious signals that Mrs. Smith received were based on Todd’s internal desire to help. She sensed Todd’s sincerity in her gut, or technically, in her Limbic brain.

So what is your next step? Be intentional, plan your internal talk, and increase satisfaction in your future customer engagements.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on May 28, 2017 12:05:00 AM

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