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neuromarketing can make a difference

A few weeks ago we learned, according to neuroscience, a person can unconsciously communicate and receive messages. We mentioned that neuroscience has been making headway into the business world in the form of neuromarketing. Neuromarketing is the applied use of scientific principles to measure how our brains react to marketing stimuli. 

Measuring Brain Activity

The two most popular methods of measuring brain activity are: electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Using electrodes, EEG measures voltage fluctuations in response to stimuli. Unlike the portable and less expensive EEG, fMRI is stationary - think MRI scanning technology. fMRI measures the blood flow to various regions of the brain, which initializes in response to stimuli.


Neuroscience Can be Applied to Different Aspects of Marketing:

Market Research - Measure an individual’s response to various media ads, commercials, product packaging etc.

Product Design and Packaging - Testing provides insights on the emotional effects of how a product looks, feels and functions.

Pricing - Does the .99 in $9.99 really make a difference? Testing reveals that to the individual, it does.

Service - In the Comanche Marketing article Neuromarketing in Your Business, we learned how unconscious signals sent from Bob, the service provider, to Mrs. Jones the homeowner, affected Mrs. Jones’s decision to purchase the thermostat upgrade.  You'll recall, she didn't purchase. While image matters, so too does intent. Intend to do right by your customer and it will likely be perceived that way.

Advertising - Is your advertising effective? Are people responding to the logic of your ads? Are they responding to the emotion? A better understanding using neuroimaging allows the advertiser to create more engaging advertising.

Branding - The sum of life experiences and learning are stored in the brain reservoir known as our unconscious, the domain of our emotions. We plan actions by relating to past experiences, memories and associations. Companies that effectively brand lace marketing efforts with emotion and direct them toward the unconscious mind of their audience, where feelings for products and services reside.


Moving Upward

With a tiny handhold on the cliffside surface of neuromarketing, the vertical ascent can be daunting. As a contractor, should you even bother? After all, it’s most likely someone else is designing your ads, creating copy and building your website.

If the prize of a more engaged customer or engaging customer prospects is to be found on the cliff’s topside however, perhaps you should at least watch how others are moving up.

Columnist Chris Marentis advises small business owners to review summaries of the latest neuroscience studies relating to consumer behavior. Marentis, who grew up in a family-owned HVAC company, cites various ways to test concepts learned in research.

The behavior and decision making that neuroscience follows and measures transpire in business every day. In addition to marketing, these are found in leadership, management and human resources. A business owner gains additional insight when viewing these activities through the window of neuroscience.

It's all around us. Choose to be vigilant to examples of neuromarketing in your world. Have a conversation with those who assist in your marketing efforts. Begin clear, intentional communication and watch your engagement increase.  


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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Jun 18, 2017 12:00:00 AM

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