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Ultimate HVAC Business Design

Ron Smith recently published “More and New” HVAC Spells Wealth, a companion, update and follow-up book to HVAC Spells Wealth, a phenomenally successful business guide for HVAC contractors.

Ron Smith is the most influential and respected author, consultant and businessman in the residential HVAC industry.

The time, effort and devotion that Ron puts into this profession serves as the foundation for all others to build upon. It’s humanly impossible to overstate the importance of his work and legacy.

Ron’s career began in 1961 and fifty-five years later he’s still innovating and offering relevant and creative ideas to help contractors.


“More and New” HVAC Spells Wealth is not a second edition.

Ron refers to it as “the rest of the story”. Ron has infused much care and detail in making it a companion guide. To realize the most value from it, he recommends having HVAC Spells Wealth within arms reach. I don’t believe I was more than a few pages in when I had to grab my copy. One engaging benefit is that it reinforces what you learned from the first book.

“More and New” HVAC Spells Wealth removes complexity from running an HVAC business and provides contractors with the necessary knowledge, when implemented, to become successful.

A few years ago I listened to Don Johnson, owner of Freedom Heating and Cooling in Birmingham, Alabama, describe phenomenal success from participation in a local home show. When asked about his secret he said he simply did exactly what Ron wrote about in the home show section under Marketing in HVAC Spells Wealth.


In “More and New” HVAC Spells Wealth Ron describes a successful company as one that:

  • Reports double digit net profits
  • Grows revenues each yearRon2016COVER.png
  • Creates and maintains a company environment where people actually enjoy coming to work

Contractors can become successful by investing in the 3 “C’s”. Customers, Coworkers and Company. Ron devotes an entire chapter to each.

There are two chapters on Marketing. Ron supplements, modifies and adds onto material from HVAC Spells Wealth to assimilate a comprehensive marketing program. Joe Pulizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, contributes an entire chapter devoted to Content Marketing. The fact that Ron Smith includes Joe’s work here is neon light significant.  

Ron continues with chapters on Sales, Residential Service Agreements, Processes & Systems and the Industry. He concludes with a Summary and biography.

“More and New” HVAC Spells Wealth is chocked full of practical business intel that contractors can put to use immediately. Ron also includes many business templates that will save contractors hours and hours of time trying to create.


Ron Smith is fondly regarded as the Grandfather of Service Agreements and frankly, the Grandfather of the residential HVAC industry.

It goes without saying then, the level of regard Ron has for industry peers tasked with writing his book’s Foreword and first chapter is beyond reproach.

Tom Piscitelli, Head Coach at TRUST Training and Coaching writes the Foreword. Tom chisels out a rendition of Ron. Here is what we feel: excellence, passion, inspiration, common sense, commitment, implementation and piercing relevance.


Matt Michel, CEO of and founder of the the Service Roundtable and Comanche Marketing contributes “The Future of HVAC”.

Matt weaves together an outlook on utility pricing, regulations, the future of refrigerant, 21st Century HVAC equipment, connected homes, manpower shortages, marketing needs, contractor transparency and a fresh and real outlook on the importance of contractor alliances. The effect of Matt’s message? A compelling need to continue reading Ron’s book.

I’ve purchased thousands of books over the years. And I would have initially purchased HVAC Spells Wealth if I hadn’t been gifted a copy from industry leader Aaron York. To this day, every time I pick up my weathered, dogeared and marked up copy I think of Aaron. Do the same for your coworkers. If you want to leave a mark, pick out a handful of passionate colleagues outside of your company and buy them the book as well.

Order copies today at RonSmithHVAC.com


Make plans to see Ron in person in October.

Ron will join Matt Michel for their presentation "Legends of the Industry" at this year'snewest seminar and trade show for contractors - Service World Expo

Dave Rothacker


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Posted by Dave Rothacker on May 1, 2016 4:30:00 AM

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