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Maximizing the Marketing Value of Every Job


How many jobs have you completed this week...this month...this year?

How proud of that work are you?

How did you capture the marketing value your work?

Making The Most (Marketing) Out Of Each Job

Many contractors and home service providers fail to utilize the marketing value of their daily work and customer base. You’ve spent the effort to find a lead, nurture it into a sale, completely satisfy that customer, and you create a finished product that you were proud of.

Why wouldn’t you maximize that investment of your time, money, and resources?

To be clear, we’re not talking about getting more money out of your customer’s wallet.

Often left untapped, there is great potential opportunity to develop additional marketing value on every job site. Let’s talk about some tactics for maximizing your marketing.


Generate Media: Taking Pictures Of Your Work

By and large, people enjoy visuals more than they do text. While written content in your marketing is great for demonstrating your authority and expertise, a wall of text with no visual relief isn’t likely to capture much attention.

Instead of relying on stock photography to fill the gaps, take pictures on your job sites to develop your own library of content. A sharp eye and a smartphone camera are more than sufficient to start taking candid photos and videos to document your work.

Your new visual content is great for growing your website, featuring in print marketing materials, and sharing as social media content.


Generate Reviews: Follow Up For Online Reviews

You know that you have been exceeding your client’s expectations and completely satisfied their service or installation needs, so why not give your customer a way to share their positive experience?

While some positive reviews will happen naturally, taking steps to actively pursue testimonials will help to rapidly grow your online review with both quality and quantity. This can help your business from a search engine optimization and marketing perspective.

Your website and post-sale customer follow ups should encourage review gathering by 1) actively asking for the review and 2) providing an easy to follow path to leave reviews.


Generate Referrals: Growing Your Business On Your Previous Successes


Your marketing plan is already developed so that you can position yourself in front of prospective customers. Whether you run TV and radio ads, Google ads, print mailers, billboards, social media, or SEO --- the basic purpose of your marketing is to get in front of people who may be interested in your service.

Having a referral program is yet another way to create top-of-mind awareness to get your business contact information to the right potential leads. Instead of paying for ad spend or marketing professionals, you’re paying your previously satisfied customers.

Creating an incentivized referral program turns customers into influencers - a sales person using their network to identify potential customers that your other advertising and marketing efforts would normally not have reached.

Don’t let your marketing potential of your previous successes go to waste. With the right planning, you can maximize the marketing value of your jobs - to help continually grow your business presence.


 Chris Lonergan is the President of Footbridge Media, a contractor marketing agency helping contractors and home service providers since 2004. For more information, visit https://www.footbridgemedia.com

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Posted by Chris Lonergan on Nov 16, 2018 3:00:00 PM

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