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Let Your Hiring Process Soar

“Release the bird Amos!”

The canary flies into the coal mine and dies. The bird’s suicide mission indicates the presence of toxic gas. If the bird had lived it would have been safe to send in the miners.

Toxic gas and lack of business processes produce similar results.

Are you having problems hiring the right people?


“How did you know?”

The canaries on your office floors.


Create an Interview and Hiring Process

You might think Steve Miles of Jerry Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning in St. Charles, Missouri, doesn’t use canaries. Surely he uses electronic testing equipment, right? Nope. He doesn’t have to. A diligent and continuous interviewing and hiring process help to keep the toxic environment at bay.

Here’s an overview: 

  1. ApplicationSteves_Bio_Photo_resize_II-252048-edited.jpg
  2. Testing
  3. Interviews
  4. Management discussion about suitability and fit
  5. Job offer
  6. Onboarding
  7. Technical school
  8. In-house training


Add comprehensive to diligent

Pain, excruciating headaches and financial loss accompany bad hires. Each step in Jerry Kelly’s process is comprehensive and designed to eliminate pain, loss and unsavory candidates. This is what goes into Testing: 

  1. Do they show up to take the test?
  2. Wonderlic
  3. DiSC Personality profile*
  4. Mechanical Aptitude
  5. Office / paperwork accuracy test

*Many companies offer DiSC services. This is the one that I recommend.


“People are our greatest assets.” And then no action taken by the company back up this statement.

Chris Hunter, owner of Hunter Heat and Air in Ardmore, Oklahoma, has built his company around treating coworkers right. Chris doesn’t have hiring problems.


Hunter Heat and Air is a culture where coworkers can:

  1. Growchris-920483-edited.jpg
  2. Feel wanted
  3. Make a difference
  4. Be part of a team that means something
  5. Give back and touch the lives of others
  6. Be part of something bigger than a job


Trickle down

From a business perspective the result of Chris’s effort is robust company growth and profitability. There is a winning environment at Hunter Heat and Air. Who wouldn’t want to work for a winner?

From a humanity perspective of course, it’s so much more. Treat your coworkers with dignity, respect and care and they will in turn pass it on.


Building blocks

At a foundational level Chris believes if you know what you stand for, if you know who you are, if you know what your mission is and you have fun doing it you’ll attract people who want to be part of your winning environment.


Create recruiting and hiring processes. Build a winning culture by treating coworkers right.

A book could be written on the winning ways of Steve Miles and Chris Hunter’s recruiting and hiring practices.

“We’re challenged to find the time to read Dave. Any other ideas?”

For the moment, let’s pretend that I don’t believe books are windows into your growth, development and evolution. Whew! For a moment I thought I was going to turn into stone. I do have an idea. Attend Service World in Las Vegas.

It’s promises to be a magical, wondrous, innovative and immersive experience for contractors. Steve Miles is moderating a panel discussion on recruiting for the Service Nation Alliance. But, both Miles and Hunter will be on hand to share their experiences with all contractors who attend Service World Expo.


Canaries in your hallways

If following Service World Expo, we perform a canary audit on your company’s hallways and find lifeless creatures, we will assume:

One, you didn’t attend. Two, you attended but haven’t pulled the trigger on change and implementation.

Breathe life into your company, detoxify the deadly gases and protect the canaries.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Aug 28, 2016 4:30:00 AM

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