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Indoor Air Quality & Spring Training


Football season and the Big Game has come and gone and it only shows what a difference a year can make. The Eagles stood in last place just 12 months ago and now they are champion. All this success happened after Wentz got injured late in the season and second string Quarterback Nick Foles led the Eagles to the franchise’s first ever win! Congratulations are certainly in order!

Now that football season is over, which sport should be your next focus? For those of interested in hockey, there is still the quest for the Stanley Cup. The Blackhawks are essentially having the exact opposite season the Eagles had, while the Las Vegas Golden Knights are having an unbelievable inaugural season. There’s always March Madness, NBA, the Olympics, and Spring Training, and coming soon, baseball’s regular season.

Being from Chicago, once Spring Training starts, it’s only a matter of time before the weather breaks, summer is here, and the MLB season is in full swing. This is also the time of year where the Indoor Air Quality spring training kicks into gear. Just like baseball players, technicians and sales consultants need to refine their skills and knowledge of IAQ so they can be at the top of their game. Every team needs a great manager and coaching staff to perfect each position and hold the players accountable to put together a winning season. Through Service Roundtable and partners, you can train your team way beyond Spring Training.

Like all sports, baseball has a season. IAQ is unique though in that there is no season; it is a year round sport. It’s crucial to continuously train your roster of players to take an IAQ swing on every service, maintenance, and sales call.

As I have said in the past, learning how and when to communicate IAQ awareness on every single call is the key to your IAQ success by learning how to take technical information and translate it into layman’s terms for the homeowner. The homeowners your team visits on a daily basis are your fans, and they all have the right to enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher, and healthier air.

Let’s all step up to the plate this season and let the team and fans know that we are serious about IAQ.  Just like in baseball, when the team wins, so do the fans.   


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Posted by Steve Mores on Mar 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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