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How to Receive More Qualified Applicants


A solid understanding of how to get more applicants is guaranteed to get you a speaking engagement at your next mixed group meeting. Why? Because it’s a simple metric that can easily be transcribed into what matters most to your company: money. Applicant conversion provides a benchmark that eliminates the stress and worry of hiring success.

So, what is applicant conversion? At its most basic level, applicant conversion is when a job candidate performs an “action” on your job site or on one of your job ads. If you want to hire successfully and grow your business with qualified professionals, here are a few tips to consider.


Compel Candidates to Click on Your Position

At first glance, this probably seems like a “duh” suggestion, but you’d be surprised at the challenge this tip poses for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical clients. The reason why so many owners and even HR professionals encounter these issues is due to being naturally HR minded, and not marketing oriented. Stepping into the shoes of your candidates can skyrocket your applicant conversion because you’ll start writing job ad content from the lens of your job seekers.  

Writing a marketing oriented job ad ensures that you’re communicating to your applicants in way that resonates with them on a deeper level. The more you can “pitch” them on working at your company, the more likely you’re going to increase your applicant conversion metric. Don’t be the company only adding “bonus “or “Hiring techs now”.


Make Your Position Mobile-Friendly

Nothing will negatively impact applicant conversion like providing an application that is not mobile optimized. Almost 70% of applicants you seek use mobile platforms to apply for positions. If your application isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then your applicants are going to get frustrated and will move on, which will cause your applicant conversion to plummet. This equates into rolling a ball uphill.

Star employees know their worth and won’t waste their time fussing with an application that doesn’t allow them to complete certain fields on a mobile device. In addition to hurting your applicant conversion, having an application that is not mobile friendly can harm your employer brand. With society’s increasing reliance on technology, applicants will likely be put off by a system that is outdated and the perception could carry over into how “innovative” and “cutting-edge” your company is viewed. Essentially, using the technology advantage maximizes every dollar you spend on recruiting. 


Ditch the Long Application

 Long applications requiring unessential information to the position will cause your applicant conversion to suffer. When was the last time you or another member of your team actually completed an application for a job opening you have? Ask yourself if it was frustrating or if it contained duplicate questions. Requiring social security information in the first round in the hiring process is an example of an unnecessary question that will deter applicants.

If your application has any of these, it’s possible that you need to reevaluate your process to avoid hurting your conversions. It’s unlikely many applicants will spend hours recording past job information, attaching a resume, and providing a social security number without a higher probability to hear back from the employer. If your focus is growing your applicant conversion, you will need to spend time reviewing every step of your hiring process with a fine-tooth comb.


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Posted by Paul Vishnesky on Feb 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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