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Graphic Recording Leads to Better Learning

You’re listening to an intriguing keynote speaker and trying to take notes when BOOM, something she says sends you down the mental path of “what if?” or “hey, this might work in my company.” Fifteen minutes later you snap back from your productive daydream and think, “oh no, what did I miss?”

Perhaps you’ve just returned from your annual success planning event with your management team and are thinking about the upcoming coworker rollout meeting. You wonder, “how much of this content will my team actually remember?”

In each of the above cases there is a paper or digital trail for you and your coworkers to use as follow up. Do you really want to sit through the hour-long talk again? You later find out that in five years of rollout meetings, the follow up PDF document has been downloaded just 7 times. Not counting your wife it’s been downloaded twice.

Is there another way to facilitate learning from events like these? There is.

It’s called Graphic Recording.

Check out ImageThink and their ideas for visually telling a story: http://www.imagethink.net/graphic-recording-services-nyc/



Super cool idea: When was the last time you saw someone perform a graphic recording on the floor of a tradeshow? Consider hiring an artist for the day and have him capture a series of mini-visual stories (as you or someone else narrates). Traditionally, when someone completes a visual recording, the onlookers whip out their cell phones and take pictures. 

You can also think of ways to use a graphic recorder in your company's strategic planning session.  Your team will be impressed by the visual learning experience and you will find that key information retained will increase.

Additional sites to explore graphic recording:

Sunni Brown


Content Marketing Institute

Kelly Kingman


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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Jul 9, 2017 12:05:00 AM

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