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Five Key Rules to Setting an Exposé-Proof HVAC Sales Lead



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Summer is almost here and HVAC companies are gearing up for the demand. Right now, contractors all over America are checking inventory, sitting down with their suppliers, and training their sales and technician teams.

Homeowners are also gearing up for the heat. Many of them will also be replacing their systems for the first time this summer. The first step to this process is researching companies and choosing the best fit for them.

Besides homeowners and HVAC contractors, there are other creatures of summer that are thinking about their opportunity as well. These creatures do not work in the trade, but they target the trade for their own benefit. They are setting up their cameras, and buying ink by the buckets. I’m speaking of the local investigative news anchor and Journalist. Adversarial news anchors love to craft stories about HVAC contractors scamming homeowners into a new system they didn’t need.

One way to avoid this would be honest practices with sales leads. Sales leads are an essential component of an HVAC business. There is no denying that you need them, and can’t do business without prospects. There is also no denying that poor lead setting practices can get your company on the nightly news. Setting rules on how to generate replacement leads also holds your team to honest practices.

This is possibly one of the best ways to keep your team ethical and avoiding a scandal. With the hotter months approaching, HVAC scams are popular news segments, and it’s one that you never want to catch your team members doing!

This article is designed to assist you in having a great summer, and avoiding being the center of a news exposé. Listed below are five methods that will rebuild trust and keep you off the nightly news.


Five Key Rules to Setting an “Expose” Proof HVAC Sales Lead

  1. Don’t use deceptive marketing methods.Great marketing can be compared to beautiful art, or horrid pornography. Both draw your eye in, but one is evil. I have seen both examples in the field. Pornographic marketing preys on the weak. It gives false messages, and wraps itself in sheep’s clothing. Many companies have sent out cards that say, “Your system’s warranty is expiring. Call now. Or, “Your system is not safe.” Then these companies will use official looking logos or fake ID numbers to create false authority.
  2. Avoid “Bait and Switch” tactics.I support technician generated leads!  I think they are one of the greatest things to come along since sliced bread. However, I think a good technician lead is based on need and not a deceptive tactic that takes advantage of the customer.
  3. Document your findings.You need to document and display Don’t leave yourself open to the opinion of a lesser skilled service tech to say you are wrong. A good life skill is to put everything in writing.
  4. When in doubt, over communicate.I teach sales and understand the principle of “shutting-up” when the client is ready to buy. It’s important to recognize that clients will buy out of a sense of pressure or obligation. Those are clients that will get you on the news. When you are in doubt of the client’s mindset, be sure to over communicate. Ask questions that verify their understanding, and agreement. This is especially important with the elderly. Training your team members for these situations will keep your company honest and ethical.
  5. Bring in the outside people that need to be involved.The truth is that bringing another person into the equation can stop or slow a sales lead. I get that, and I understand how frustrating it can be to lose an opportunity. However, it is often the thing that needs to be done. Not every elderly or young person needs help in the process. Some do, but certainly not everyone. When in doubt, seek clarity, and seek involvement. The process will be longer, but the results will be better for all involved.

This summer can be one of the best you’ve ever had! You can get huge results, and avoid the negative press of a news exposé. All you have to do is follow the five key rules above and train your team!


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Posted by Todd Liles on May 20, 2018 9:56:31 AM
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