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Facebook for Contractors

Does your company have a Facebook page? Do people visit and participate there? Okay, let’s pretend that it’s not your contractor buddies. Anyone else?

Whether or not it’s you or your marketing company providing the content, are existing and or potential customers “liking” your posts?


So, other than your brother-in-law who works at the marketing company, has anyone “liked” any of the HVAC / Plumbing tips you’ve been running for the past two years? Surely you’ve gotten some action on the posts that describe new equipment. No? Not even the one about the condenser that texts its homeowner when too many blades of grass clog up its coils?

I recently spoke with Colleen Keyworth, Sales / Training Consultant for Online-Access, one of the oldest Internet Marketing firms in the contracting business. Colleen suggests there are many low cost / no cost things a contractor can do when it comes to Facebook. Today we’ll look at one of those items, community involvement. We’ll conclude with an invaluable tip that is sure to improve your Facebook effectiveness.


Do you care?

If people feel that you care about them, they’ll continue to do business with you, right? Without question, the last time you were treated indifferently by a merchant was the last time you went into that establishment, right?

How do you grow your Facebook community and get people to feel that you care about them? Here’s a hint, don’t tell them about how good you are, what shiny new piece of equipment hit the market or flood them with coupons. 42-year-old Mrs. Jones has a full time job, is a councilwoman, has three kids, a husband and too many animals. By now you already know she isn’t going to your Facebook page to read up on common airflow problems.


Care about this

You get Mrs. Jones to care about you when you care about the things that she cares about.

Mrs. Jones represents your company’s number one persona. A persona is a generalized representation of your ideal customer. Now we know that, in addition to her family, Mrs. Jones is into politics, the community, body art, fashion and is a hardcore foodie. Of Mrs. Jones’s interests, which most identify with your ideal persona? Most likely it’s family and community, right? This is what you talk about at Facebook. This is how you get Mrs. Jones to care about you. Provide information and resources that help Mrs. Jones take care of her family and thrive in her community.



You represent part of the village that needs to raise Mrs. Jones’s family. So provide resources to help her. Food recipes, home organization and improvement tips are just a few.

If parents were paid to help with their kid’s homework, they could quit their day jobs. Include helpful resources.

Families are always looking for inexpensive things to do together. Post ideas.


Community is humanity

From your coworkers to your customers to folks in your hometown it’s all about people. When you and your coworkers are involved in charitable events or parades or other community related activities, it’s human not corporate. You are a warm presence to Mrs. Jones, not a faceless entity that sends her flyers.

Include pictures and Facebook Live Videos from all community events that you participate in. Tag all people you know.

Support local law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

Include a community events calendar.


At work

Use pictures and videos to celebrate your coworker’s lives, birthdays and accomplishments.

Bob, one of your technicians, recently reached certification in all NATE classifications. Your customers will not only see that you care about your own people but will realize that your coworkers are advancing their education and skills.

Help your customers get to know your coworkers. Do two-minute videos and get your coworkers talking about their interests.

Make sure your customer reviews show up on your Facebook page.


Stand for a cause

Fueling research that fights cancer and or heart disease, spreading carbon monoxide awareness and the battle against domestic violence are admirable causes as are many others. When loved ones are affected, these often turn into crusades.

If you’re looking for a unique cause that is in desperate need of support, consider taking a stand against babies left alone in cars.


Invaluable tip: Verify your Facebook page

Validate company authenticity, improve your Facebook search results and gain early insight into Facebook innovations. Proof of verification is an encircled check mark next to your company name in the Facebook header. This will not work if your company is under your personal account. Visit this Facebook site to verify your page.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Jul 24, 2016 4:00:00 AM

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