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Essential Hiring Practices

Bob’s sales are down. Well, truth be told, they were really never up to begin with. He doesn’t understand. He played semi-pro ball, modeled in magazines and had been a top salesman at a different company. Always a hit with the opposite sex, he’s flat out tanking in his retail career at Victoria’s Secret. Ugh!

The movement you need is on your shoulder.

Do you have a problem finding good service technicians and installers?

“Uh, yeah!”

Can you read?


Are you aware of the online recruiting and hiring articles written by HVAC and Plumbing experts like Vicki LaPlant?”

“Of course.”

Do you have an index finger?


It seems as though the problem you’re having pulling the trigger on all of the excellent recruiting and hiring advice is in another part of your body then. Perhaps it’s that object that rests between your shoulders?

Do it

Deep down you know that it’s time to start actually applying and using the advice.


Here’s a recap

Become known as a great place to work. In addition to nine other steps, Vicki LaPlant sears invaluable knowledge into our psyches. Cherish that burnt smell. For it is a reminder of ground zero, the core foundation from which to build your recruiting and hiring program.

Mike Weil, former Editor of Contracting  Business magazine, believes recruiting and training are job one. Mike provides additional resources in this enlightening article.

Like a true Comanche warrior, Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel says that you should be relentless in your recruiting efforts. If you’re half as relentless as Matt is in teaching us about good recruiting and hiring habits, you’ll separate from the pack.

Matt Michel’s relentless efforts:

The HVAC and Plumbing industries are, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth industries. Their published statistics state what we already know: We need service techs and installers! Who should we reach out to?

Are you a best practices type of gal or guy? Do you know that there is a best practice that involves your coworker’s spouses?

“Man! If I had known that Darrell was going to be such a dud, I never would've hired him.” Does your hiring process need to be improved?


Where are the women?

In the 1970’s industry icon Ron Smith hired women and placed them on a fast learning track to become maintenance technicians. Ron mentioned to me that he’s surprised at the lack of women working in the field today, especially when his companies successfully employed so many.

Why indeed? Ron’s comment was driving me crazy. And then I thought about Bob.

Who is hiring women to be maintenance techs? Who is training them. Who is managing them? Who do they come to with issues? Who recognizes them? Who encourages them? Who is telling them about career growth? Who is looking out for them?

Might there be a correlation to Bob? Might we need to look at this issue from a different perspective? Might we need a higher degree of female influence in the process overall?

How might we better approach recruiting, hiring, educating and mentoring women who work in the field?

Stay tuned. Next week we’ll examine how industry leaders Steve Miles and Chris Hunter approach recruiting and hiring.

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Posted by Dave Rothacker on Aug 21, 2016 8:09:39 AM

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