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Be The Expert

What is an expert?  A recognized “Authority”…A “Go To Person”….The ultimate “Problem Solver”…yes, and much more.  It should be YOU!  Is it YOU??


An expert can also be an Ambassador of Goodwill for a company or a movement.  A spokesperson for a given topic of interest is extremely valuable in the marketplace.  Think of all the places an expert is needed.  Think of all the places this brand enhancer can be replicated:

Count the possibilities.

            1…civic groups for informational presentations;

            2…job fairs to attract the best candidates;

            3…business groups looking for qualified speakers;

            4…real estate firms needing facts on home services;

            5…networking organizations requiring company participation for membership;

            6…HOA…Home Owner Associations;

            7…weekend radio show or forum;

            8…scheduled newspaper column;

            9…kiosk at the mall;

            10…home and garden shows;

            11…spokesperson for local news;

            12…a newsletter.

I just returned from Service World Expo and if you missed it, don’t miss it next year!  One of the keynotes was from J. R. Martinez, a veteran soldier from the Iraq War. The Humvee he was driving hit a road-side bomb, and he was burned over 34% of his body.  He is a survivor not only because he was 19 years old and moved beyond allowing that incident to define him, but also because he stepped up to a challenge.  Some would have given up, but not J. R. He has strength, faith, conviction and heart.  He is to be admired.  He is a HERO.

If the idea of becoming a recognized expert makes the stomach grind and the cold sweat flow…well get over it.  J. R. Martinez talked about this very situation.  He described his life as a series of boxes.  He would get comfortable in a local “box” – his comfort zone.  He knew if the environment did not change, then one becomes that environment and most likely stagnates.  So he would push himself to a new “box” where he was not so comfortable. 

He used this discipline to get himself through recovery and rehabilitation at the military burn center in San Antonio, Texas. This recovery “box” was beyond difficult, but he found himself in, it.  And it became his pathway.  It was one “box.”  It did not have to be the defining box of his life. He used the recovery “box” for his mental growth and his physical gain.  And from that box, he has moved to other boxes where he had to push himself – winning Dancing with the Stars, becoming a public speaker and entrepreneur.  J. R. Martinez has become an expert at controlling a positive mental attitude and helping people push beyond allowing one point in life to become that life’s sole definition.

His message was do not rely on someone else to create the future.  Get after it with passion and a plan.  Dream a little bit, too!  Making a better future comes from within.

These assembled pieces make J. R. Martinez a great motivational speaker!

So if you are not comfortable in the box of being a public speaker, force yourself to step into this public speaking “box.”  First, pick a subject that is relevant and timely.  Such a topic could be Indoor Air Quality.  Next consider your content and what you will need to broadcast your message. 

            For example:

            Would a certification be appropriate to lend credence to your expertise?

            Should you create a power point, write an article, write a script for a radio show?

            What topics are you going to cover? types of contamination categories, air testing, types of air filtration, other solutions, cost parameters?

Also, consider your audience.  The best experts know how to explain difficult or technical information in a way that a less knowledgeable audience can understand.  Test your presentation, article or information on people without your level of expertise to verify that even non-expert people can understand what is being communicated.

Consider creating a professional 25-minute presentation.  It can be live or digitized for a video loop or put on YouTube.  It builds local credibility for the expert and it promotes a point of differentiation for the company along with strengthened brand identity and awareness.  The expert can also provide a ground swell of local “chatter.”

People like to interact with, be around and do business with people who “know their stuff” - the experts that demonstrate and explain their expertise in understandable language.

Dealing with experts is a safety net.  As a consumer, I may not understand all the details, but I want to know that you, as the expert, do.  By being the expert, you create an explosion of personal contacts through an exchange of information.  People trust the expert. 

So step up and into your expert “box.”  And once, you get comfortable with that “box,” then step into another one.  Yes, experts are always looking for that next “box” because no one “box” in life is ever big enough to define any one of us.

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Posted by John LaPlant on Sep 17, 2017 12:05:00 AM

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